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Flavored Peanut Butter!!

Sometimes getting enough protein is difficult. Especially if you’ve tailored your diet to a vegetarian or vegan variety. For those on restrictive diets, flavored nut butter is a great way to satisfy your body’s needs while still enjoying food variety.

The way it should be!

These peanut butters have amazing macros!

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This local producer boast all-natural, organic, non-gmo ingredients only from the most reputable sources. They aim to cook up indulgent foods that are also wholesome and nutritious. Each nut butter is made in small batches with love in Nashville, TN. Feel free to indulge in their rich, creamy flavors without any guilt or worries about harming your body.

Nut Butter Nation’s Brown Sugar Cinnamon 

  • All-natural
  • Low sugar
  • Full flavor!

Nut Butter Nation’s Honey Vanilla

  • Simple Ingredients
  • No Refined Sugar
  • No fillers

Nut Butter Nation’s Traditional 

  • No Preservatives
  • Amazing Flavor
  • Peanuts, Salt

Nut Butter Nation’s Dark Chocolate 

  • Only 5 Ingredients
  • Sweetened with Real Cocoa
  • All Natural Cane Sugar


This traditional and socially-conscious family founded this amazing product over a family dinner. In addition to their creative flavors, the Reiss family is well-known for their high-quality, worldwide ingredients. Their international delicacies include all natural U.S.-grown peanuts, imported Brazillian organic honey, imported Belgian chocolate chips, as well as other premium ingredients for all of our flavors. Not only is PB Crave making a difference, it is made different.

PB Crave’s Cookie Nookie 

  • Two Classics in One
  • Chocolate Chips, Cookie Dough
  • Natural Wild Honey

PB Crave’s Choco Choco 

  • Double Chocolate
  • Rich Dark
  • Semi-Sweet

PB Crave’s Coco Bananas

  • U.S. Grown Peanuts
  • Gluten Free
  • Cholesterol Free

PB Crave’s Razzle Dazzle 

  • No Hydrogenated Oil
  • No Trans Fat
  • Dizzying Flavor Blends


Founded just over 5 years ago, Nuts ‘n More started with a goal of creating healthy alternatives outside of the typical bar and shakes industries. In the back of a small bakery the owners focused on developing a recipe with the goal of “simple ‘n natural.” Not only are their nut butters delicious, but also they have packed in the twice the amount of protein as competitors.

Nuts ‘n More Birthday Cake 

  • Gluten Free
  • High Protein
  • Delicious

Nuts ‘n More Toffee Crunch 

  • 14 g Protein
  • Organic Flax, Omega 3’s
  • High Fiber

Nuts ‘n More Cookie Butter 

  • Real Gingerbread
  • Belgium Cookie Flavor
  • Genuine Spices

Nuts ‘n More White Chocolate 

  • 16 oz. of Cream
  • 12 g. Protein
  • Peanut Spread


All of the Buff Bake products feature added chia seeds and omegas for additional nutrition benefits. Each nut butter starts with freshly roasted peanuts or almonds. Their secret is antibiotic-free premium whey protein. Whether you’re trying get in some extra nutrition or bake delicious desserts, they’ve got the flavor for it.

Buff Bake Chocolate Chip 

  • Chia & Flax
  • 12 Oz. Cream
  • Spread the Fit


Buff Bake Red Velvet

  • Rich in Antioxidants
  • Anti Inflammatories
  • Smooth Hint of Cocoa

Buff Bake Pumpkin Spice

  • Chia & Flax Seeds
  • Added Omegas
  • Loved by Fitness Enthusiasts

Buff Bake Snickerdoodle 

  • All-Natural Whey Protein
  • Delicious Healthy Treat
  • Chia, Flax Seeds, Omegas